composing ~ production ~ licensing ~ sound design
Team Venus Launches IndieGoGo Campaign! Posted: Aug 28, 2014


Rockstar parents pursue their dream from Vince Beeton on Vimeo.

Check out all the irresistible rewards here:

Team Venus feature article/interview in July 3, 2014 Argus Courier Posted: Jul 3, 2014

"Team Venus explores the intoxicating contrast between control and raw abandon - the undeniably animal urges that swell below the surface of human nature."

You can read the full article here:
Argus Courier - "Team Venus Heats Up Music Scene"

Homejoy Commercial - "Get Your Place Cleaned For $38" Posted: Jun 3, 2014

This is a fun Homejoy spot I recently did the sound design and music for from the ultra talented mind of Adam Loften. My studio could definitely use their services!

Team Venus has gone live! Posted: Apr 22, 2014

My new electro pop-rock band Team Venus has made it's first appearance on the world wide web via Facebook. Please look, listen, like, and love us:

Team Venus

Two Bay Alarm Spots Posted: Apr 10, 2014

I got to write some crime/spy/suspense music for a couple of Bay Alarm commercials recently. Here is one of them...

MyStand Music Posted: Mar 22, 2014

Here is a project I did the music for a few months back. A fun little track for a socially concious social network called MyStand. Animation by the super talented Michael Rosen of Samplistic.

MyStand "in-app" Video from Samplistic
on Vimeo.

Beats by Dre licenses Chris Vibberts version of Jingle Bells Posted: Dec 22, 2013

Dr. Dre even got in on the action! A couple new Beats Pills holiday ads also licensed my version of Jingle Bells. Here's one featuring a couple of Santa's reindeer taking a liking to the little pill guys...

Honda Holiday "Chimney" Spot Posted: Dec 18, 2013

Here's a fun new Honda spot I worked on that's a throwback to one of my favorite stop-motion animation teams, Rankin and Bass. Their classic films are the embodiment of Christmas of my childhood... if that makes any sense. Anyway, I'm stoked to have my version of Jingle Bells be the soundtrack to this cool little holiday commercial! Merry Christmas!

SoCal HONDA - Chimney from ShadowMachine on Vimeo.

Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary Posted: Dec 1, 2013

Check out a recent project to come out of The Rabbit Hole Recording for Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary. This engaging project was helmed by the multi-talented Vince Beeton. Vince performed all the voice over, as well as most of the sound effects and creature voices. We spent a fun afternoon with Vince in the isolation booth chomping on carrots and slurping on grapes to create the dining sounds of the underwater world. I added music, additional sound design and effects, and mixed it all together. Awesome animation by Sam Gerhard. Enjoy!

Who Eats Who? A surprising seafood destination from Vince Beeton on Vimeo.

Developer Keynote Film for Salesforce's Dreamforce Convention Posted: Nov 25, 2013

This is the latest project from the super talented folks at TINBIKE Productions that I had the pleasure of composing the music for. This was for the opening of the Developer Keynote at this year's Dreamforce convention hosted by Salesforce. What a pleasure to work with such a high caliber group of artists.

North Lake Tahoe "Golf" Sound Design and Music Posted: Aug 5, 2013

Just released in the past few days... an ad from the creative minds at School of Thought for North Lake Tahoe depicting the sad reality of summers in San Francisco. I got to do the music and sound design for this one. Directed by the one and only Beau Bouverat.

Subway "So Ono" Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Posted: Jul 24, 2013

This past April I was lucky enough to be brought to Hawaii for the first time by my family for my birthday. While enjoying the beautiful beaches and learning what things like "So Ono" and "Broke Da Mouth" meant, I coincidentally got a call to compose some music for a Hawaiian Subway commercial. When I touched down on the mainland and was forced back into reality, I enlisted my super talented good friend (and former Hawaiian local) Alia Curchack-Beeton for vocal duties and got to work on some island sounds. Luckily I spent some time listening to the local radio while there and learned that a good deal of contemporary Hawaiian music is a Pacific version of Reggae. Here's how the commercial turned out...

FilmZu Animation Posted: Jul 2, 2013

Here is a fun project for a new company called FilmZu that I worked on. I did the sound design and music. Fantastic design and animation by Mike Dacko and Greg Knight.

Mikado Restaurant Spot - JW Marriott in Seoul, Korea Posted: Jun 19, 2013

Just released! One of two commercials for the JW Marriott in Seoul, Korea that I composed the music for. This one features cello, percussion, and koto. Great job by John Weeke, Nick Neon, and the whole NYK Media Group!

The Riddle of the Black Cat East Coast Premiere! Posted: Jun 9, 2013

The Riddle of the Black Cat (which I did music and sound design for) will be having its east coast premiere at the Provincetown International Film Festival. Amazing place for a little vacation and some fine film viewing!

Money & Life - End Credits Music Posted: Jun 9, 2013

I played all the instruments on this recreation of the "The Magic Penny" by Malvina Reynolds. The vocals were performed by the fabulous Rose Martini. This was recorded with Michael Rosen for the film Money & Life. We got a chance to see the whole film at a premier at the Roxy in SF a couple months ago. It was a truly inspiring film that digs deep into how money not only affects our everyday lives, but how it has shaped history and humanity. Michael did all the wonderful animations in the film and this is a sampling of his work. Enjoy!

Mind Plug Records Third Anniversary Compilation Posted: May 21, 2013

Out today is the third anniversary Mind Plug Records compilation and it features the Chris Vibberts track "Rising" from the soundtrack CD "Rising and Falling". You can download the whole album here for FREE! Do it! It is filled with killer Indian influenced tracks. Enjoy!

Computer Hope

Music for SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-Up National TV Commercial Posted: Apr 13, 2013

The golden age of muscle cars! I composed the music for this national SpeeDee Oil TV commercial featuring a 1970 Barracuda. I played the instruments and did my best to channel Robert Plant for the vocal. Time travel in 30 seconds!

6th Annual Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival Trailer: Prelinger Posted: Mar 20, 2013

For the third year in a row I had the pleasure of working with TINBIKE Productions and Abercrombie + Alchemy for two trailers for this year's Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. They have an amazing program scheduled including "Lost Landscapes" curated by home movie archivist Rick Prelinger. This trailer gives us a quick glimpse of Rick's passion for the documentation of ordinary life. I composed the music and sound design.

Moose Boats: Humboldt Bay M1 Posted: Mar 14, 2013

Another short film in the Moose Boats trilogy by TINBIKE Productions. Once again Beau Bouverat made a beautiful piece of commercial art. And once again, I got to compose the music to it and do the sound design. This time I enlisted the help of violinist extraordinaire Terry Ann Gillette to play the lead violin part. She did an amazing job, as always.

Moose Boats M2 Posted: Mar 11, 2013

Just released is a short film that I had the pleasure of composing the music to for Moose Boats with the always stellar TINBIKE Productions. Moose makes bad-ass boats that help firefighters to what they need to do. I played a little cello on this one and even got to plug in the Prophet 600. Thanks to Beau Bouverat for always providing beautiful and captivating images for me to score to! We completed three of these films. More to come!...

Rose Logue "In Full Bloom" released! Posted: Dec 8, 2012

I'm proud to share with you a new CD I produced with my close friend Rose Logue! It's her new album called "In Full Bloom". Rose is an incredible singer and engaging songwriter. She is always inspiring to work with. You can hear it here:

The album spans from downright rocking and funky to soft and tender... to experimental and electronic. It features the top notch talents of our good friends Cliff Tune, Jonathan Kirchner, Spencer Burrows, and Nathan Fowle. I got to play guitar, bass, drums, keys, and a bunch of other toys on the album and I mixed it. You can also check it out on iTunes here:

2012 Save the Waves Film Festival Trailer Posted: Oct 23, 2012

This is a trailer for the 2012 Save the Waves Festival held in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco I composed the music to. Presented by Patagonia, Clif Bar, and Teva.

"Riddle of the Black Cat" world premier at the 2012 Petaluma International Film Festival Posted: Oct 17, 2012

"The Riddle of the Black Cat" by J.W. Rinzler featuring fantastic artwork by Greg Knight makes its world debut right here in Sonoma County at the Petaluma International Film Festival this Saturday, October 20. This will be the first public screening. We will be there in person for Q&A after the show. The film is a retelling of the Edgar Allen Poe story "The Black Cat".

I composed all the music and did all the sound design for the film. This track is entitled "The Sky Opens Up" and was written for a scene where our main character has clearly gone completely mad.

Violin, cello, samples, zurna, percussion, and mandolin.

For information about the festival click here:

Petaluma International Film Festival

Gothumentaries trailer for the 2012 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival Posted: Mar 29, 2012

Dirty Laundry. This is the second of two Festival Trailers I worked on that were created by TINBIKE for the 2012 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival. I composed the music and did sound design.


Prepare yourself for the coming of darker times. Curated by doctoral Film Study candidates Papagena Robbins and Kristopher Woofter, the Gothumentary program features four fascinating new films that combine the Gothic genre's pleasures and torments of storytelling, with the documentary's quest to take us beyond the realm of our everyday experience. Gothumentary films challenge our normal avenues for understanding the world.

For more details, visit

director / editor: BEAU BOUVERAT (TINBIKE Productions)


music sound design: CHRIS VIBBERTS (MUSIC FOR FILM)

The Audio Program trailer for the 2012 Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival Posted: Mar 28, 2012

Steep yourself in the sonic deliciousness
of The Audio Program

This is the first of two trailers I did sound design for with Director Beau Bouverat's TINBIKE and ABERCROMBIE+ALCHEMY for the SDFF.

With 53 documentaries packed into 4 days of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, there's a lot of decisions to make. However, The Audio Program is a no brainer. Presented by the production sound legends behind Apocalypse Now, A Bug's Life, and more, Pat Jackson & Dan Gleich, The Audio Program runs Saturday, March 31. The festival goes from March 29th through April 1st.

Sound Design and Foley for "Miles Across the Sea" Posted: Dec 22, 2011

Here is a short clip of a pilot for an animated kids show called "Miles Across the Sea". I worked with Lightstream Animation on this. I did all the sound design, Foley, and final audio mix. Things like the fishing pole "whzzzzz" sounds and inflatable duck inner tube "squeaks" and "quacks", among other sounds, were created in my studio. It recently got picked up by PBS as a series.

The Riddle of the Black Cat - A Sneak Peek Posted: Dec 21, 2011

Here is a sneak peek at the animated short I am working on with New York Times bestselling author J.W. Rinzler. With music and sound design by me.

Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener - Video 2 Posted: Dec 13, 2011

Here is Part 2 of the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener series I did the music and sound design for. I hear if you watch this video enough times and drink enough of their beer they send you your own Lagunitas black belt.

Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener - Video 1 Posted: Nov 26, 2011

I've been working on two videos for Lagunitas Brewing Company (kings of the IPA) with the talented Fred Abercrombie and Beau Bouverat. These are "How To" films for their dangerous Butterfly Bottle Openers. I got to do all the music and sound design for these spots. Spent many hours recording all the sounds a Lagunitas beer bottle can make, as well as each nuance of a clickety-clackety butterfly bottle opener. Here is Video 1 of this series featuring the "Master" doing his thing...

Riddle of the Black Cat - Animated Short Posted: Aug 24, 2011

I was recently asked by J.W. Rinzler to take on the task of all things sound on his upcoming animated re-telling of the Edgar Allen Poe story "The Black Cat". Beautifully drawn illustrations by Greg Knight (Star Wars concept artist) capture the gothic feel of one of Poe's classics. I am very excited to be a part of this project that recalls the golden age of animation... the kind I grew up with and loved. Real hand drawn pictures and engaging storytelling.

A Kickstarter campaign has been created ( Black Cat Kickstarter ) to help fund this project and some great artwork could be yours should you choose to get involved. Here is a teaser trailer that was created a while back before I got on board:

I am honored to be asked to be a part of such a cool project. I get to compose the music and have fun creating all the sound design. My studio is about to fill up with chains and shackles, cats, and any other odds and ends I can find to help me recreate Poe's dark 19th century world.

Outside Lands Festival 2011 Posted: Aug 16, 2011

I had the honor of playing at the 2011 Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco with Arann Harris and the Farm Band. We had such a blast! I saw so much amazing music. Got to hang out backstage and watch the Shins, Big Audio Dynamite (Mick Jones still rocks!), Beirut, SIA, !!!, etc... Was blown away by Tune Yards... amazing voice and performance! Got to talk all things music and family with Decemberists drummer John Moen before their huge set. Muse and Phish were an amazing spectacle. Boogied to Girl Talk (talk about a spectacle!). OK Go was one of my favorites... super fun band. Black Keys rocked out hard. MGMT did too. John Fogerty rocked way harder than I expected! Mavis Staples killed it... the list goes on. Still recovering.

Below is a photo from the Outside Lands website of our set. Thanks to all who came and supported us! Here's to next year!!

Arann Harris and the Farm Band - "One Drop of Poison" Video and Outside Lands Posted: Jun 23, 2011

Here is a video from my band, Arann Harris and the Farm Band. The song is from our latest CD "Consolation Prize". Arann's vocals, acoustic guitar, and a touch of Marxophone.

We will be performing at this year's Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco with the likes of Phish, Ok Go, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, MGMT, John Fogerty, Muse, Erykah Badu, Beirut, the Shins, and many, many other fantastic music acts. We are honored to be a part of the 2011 lineup!

One Drop from kelly collins on Vimeo.

Arann Harris: Vocals and Guitar
Chris Vibberts: Marxophone and Production
Beau Bouverat: Video Production
Kelly Collins: Video Editing

"Style Yourself" Book Promo Video Posted: Jun 17, 2011

My two very lovely and super talented friends, Rose Logue and Emily Schmidt, came over to my studio a while back to do a quick recording of a song they wrote for a promo video for a fashion book called "Style Yourself: Inspired Advice From the World's Top Fashion Bloggers". I set up a couple of mics in the studio and they did their thing simply with their amazing voices and a couple of ukes. I couldn't resist adding a wee bit of Melodica, shaker, and toy piano. Here's the end result:

Chris Vibberts composes tracks for National Geographic WorldWide and Fox Internaional Posted: May 23, 2011

I was recently asked to compose a couple of tracks for the CMA library for Fox International Channels and National Geographic worldwide. The music library is exclusive to these channels and the tracks will be used for their shows. I got the chance to compose some really cool grinding, electronic style, drum heavy pieces of music. Everyone was happy with the end results. The two tracks are called "Five Over Four" and "Strength and Weakness" and you can hear them both on my Music page.

The 2011 350 Garden Challenge Pt. IV Posted: May 10, 2011

This is the fourth installment of 2011's 350 Garden Challenge series by TINBIKE Productions featuring music by Chris Vibberts...

The 2011 350 Garden Challenge. Posted: Apr 29, 2011

Beau Bouverat and TINBIKE Productions has created a series of shorts for this year's 350 Garden Challenge and asked to use my music. Here is the first in the series...

"Second Nature" - Full Film Now Available to Watch Online! Posted: Mar 16, 2011

"Second Nature", a bad-ass film about psycho downhill skaters that I wrote some music for, is now available to watch on Vimeo! Check it out... you will probably watch it more than once if you aren't nauseous!

Second Nature (Sector 9) Full Film from Colin Blackshear on Vimeo.

Starring: Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo, JM Duran
Directed by: Colin Blackshear
Co-Directed by: Ari Marcopoulos
Edited by: Brodie Giles
Produced by: Patrick Rizzo, Noah Sakamoto, Colin Blackshear
Music by: Chris Vibberts, Quinn McCarthy, Dru Down, Nathaniel Aslaksen

Created for Sector 9

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival Trailer Featuring... Chris Vibberts! Posted: Feb 24, 2011

The Sebastopol Documentary Film festival commissioned two trailers to be produced for this year's festival. Both were produced by TinBike Productions and both featured music by Chris Vibberts. They focus on giving a quick glimpse behind the scenes with the people who help create documentary films. One features editor extraordinaire Vivien Hillgrove. She has worked on a ton of amazing projects. Google her.

And the other happens to be about... me! I had the pleasure of not only composing the music for each trailer, but I got to star in one of them. Below is the short version. There will be an extended mini-doc about my film composing work released soon. For now I hope you enjoy this...

2011 SDFF TRAILER: *THE COMPOSER* / CHRIS VIBBERTS from Chris Vibberts on Vimeo.

filmmaker: BEAU BOUVERAT

ESPN and Other Recent Projects Posted: Jan 31, 2011

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I updated what is happening in my world. Been super busy with composing and shows. Since I realized that I haven't been updating my shows to Myspace anymore I decided to start putting all my live performances on my website on a new page entitled: "Events". Please check back for all upcoming shows with the Farm Band, Ragas to Riches, and Rose Logue. I will also post any film screenings that involve my music.

I've been working on several cool composing projects. One of which was a short film for ESPN with True Stories about college football and their fans. I got to compose a moody, Radiohead-esque pump organ piece for the main opening and closing themes. There was also an anthemic piece used for the action shots complete with marching drums, brass section and rocking electric guitar! Fun stuff. I'll share a link when there is something online you can view.

I've also been working on a few tracks for two major TV networks that I can't disclose at this time. Things haven't been finalized yet, but when they are I'll share more info about that, too.

And... I recently finished the Foley, sound design, and final audio mix for an amazing looking pilot for a CGI animated cartoon series. It was a blast to work on. I got to figure out how to create the sound of a flapping fish soaring through the air, as well as a number of other sounds that a fish, an otter, a bear, and a boy would make during a fishing trip. Items from the kitchen played a large roll in this one!

More soon!...

"Falling and Rising" on iTunes!! Posted: Oct 11, 2010

"Falling and Rising" the Chris Vibberts soundtrack CD to the film "The People's Nepal" is now available for download on iTunes:

"Falling and Rising" Now Available Online! Posted: Sep 26, 2010

I'm excited to announce that the soundtrack CD, "Falling and Rising," from the film "The People's Nepal" is now available as a physical CD or a download at CD Baby. Click title below for more info:


"Written and recorded in a few short weeks, the musical score for the documentary film "The People's Nepal" incorporates traditional instruments from India, Nepal, and Tibet. The sitar, bulbul tarang, tabla, tambura, wooden flutes, and Tibetan bowls and bells, can be heard along with such unexpected partners as the ukulele, Marxophone, accordion, concertina, and Ebow to create soundscapes both beautiful and haunting. The music seamlessly and gracefully supports the film's telling of the recent rise of democracy in Nepal. Many of the tracks were developed by incorporating actual chanting, rioting, talking, gun shots, and clinks and clanks from scenes of the movie itself. Besides composing all the music on this CD, Chris Vibberts performed each instrument himself... an impressive feat considering the diverse array of strings, drums, flutes, and keys featured on this album."

Artists & Farmers Short Promo Film Posted: Sep 24, 2010

Beau Bouverat has created yet another mini masterpiece and once again I was lucky enough to be asked to compose the music for it. Enjoy!...

ARTISTS & FARMERS: *the SHEPHERD & the DOLLMAKER* (teaser) from TINBIKE on Vimeo.

Here's more about the project:

From Soil and Soul:
Telling The Stories Behind Sonoma's Artists and Farmers
a film series for ProjectHERE and SONOMAproject created by TINBIKE Productions

Molly Best (shepherd) & Jess Brown (dollmaker) handle wool from opposite ends of the line. Molly harvests the material while Jess creates something entirely new with it. Get a glimpse of their worlds in this short piece... enjoy!

the shepherd: MOLLY BEST
Thistle Ewe Ranch

the dollmaker: JESS BROWN​

filmmaker: BEAU BOUVERAT


On October 3rd, ProjectHERE will bring together Artists and Farmers of Sonoma County in its ongoing effort to capture the stories of the amazing people who give this region such a rich cultural heritage.

Cornerstone, Sonoma - October 3, 2010
for details, please visit...

"The People's Nepal" on Virgin America Airlines Posted: Sep 1, 2010

"The People's Nepal", a film featuring an original Chris Vibberts score, will be shown in flight on Virgin America airlines in the months of September and October. Three films by film maker Jim Wills will be shown on their new "documentary" channel during these months. Here is a trailer:

For more info visit:

Also, the soundtrack to the film, "Falling and Rising", will soon be available through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and a host of other outlets in the next couple weeks. More info to come...

350 Garden Challenge music Posted: May 13, 2010

I wrote and recorded some music last week for a great event happening this weekend... the 350 Garden Challenge in Sonoma County. It's a collaboration of Daily Acts, iGrow Sonoma, Living Mandala, and GoLocal along with countless others.

Basically the idea is: waste less water, grow more food, share it with people who need it, help repair the Earth. Pretty simple, yes? Here's the film... be challenged.

350 GARDEN CHALLENGE: Anthem Film (Seb Doc Fest Cut) from TINBIKE on Vimeo.

Film by Beau Bouverat and TINBIKE Productions.
Beautiful work from Beau, as always!

James Wills' Documentary "The People's Nepal" with score by Chris Vibberts now available on DVD. Posted: Apr 22, 2010

I recently composed the music for a new documentary called "The People's Nepal". It follows the fall of the royal family and the rise of democracy in Nepal that has been happening for the past ten years... but has not been very publicized. This film contains some heartbreaking, shocking, and inspiring footage that has never been seen before. With fantastic narration by Peter Coyote, this film gives the viewer a comprehensive understanding of Nepal's past, present, and the possibilities for the future.

To purchase the DVD and see the trailer go to:
The People's Nepal

For the score I tried to incorporate many of the traditional instruments and sounds from the Nepali culture, but infused them with contemporary sensibilities. Among the instruments I played for this soundtrack are sitar, bulbul tarang, Tibetan bowls and bells, ukulele, accordion, tabla, madal, Marxophone, cello, and lots of other clangy-bangy things. Some were played in a traditional fashion, and some were disgracefully manipulated!

You can hear a few tracks from the score on my "Music" page. "The People's Nepal - Main Theme," "Riots," "Women Walking," and "The Royal Massacre." A soundtrack CD called "Falling and Rising" with the full score plus extras will be released in the coming months.

Music for "Citizens for Pam Torliatt" Posted: Mar 10, 2010

I recently composed music for a series of short films about citizens who are endorsing Petaluma Mayor Pam Torliatt for Sonoma County Supervisor. My music appears at the beginning and end of this clip:

To see more videos click here: Pam Torliatt on You Tube

"Document" released on DVD, as well as a soundtrack CD including two Chris Vibberts tracks! Posted: Jan 28, 2010

"Document", an engaging film I worked on last year has now been released on DVD. There is also a soundtrack CD available with 10 songs from the movie featuring two instrumental tracks that I composed. There is some amazing music in this film from a variety of fantastic artists. Pick it up if you want to be inspired!

You can get more info about this film and purchase your own copies of the DVD and CD at:

"Second Nature" ~ Official Selection at X-Dance Film Fest... and wins "Best Short" Posted: Dec 19, 2009

"Second Nature", a very cool film about extreme downhill skating that I worked on, was chosen as an Official Selection at the 2010 X-Dance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! Yippee!!

UPDATE: "Second Nature" took top honors in the 'shorts' film category. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this!

"Second Nature" wins Best Extreme Sports Film at the 2009 Mammoth Film Festival Posted: Dec 16, 2009

"Second Nature", a film by Colin Blackshear for Sector 9, won "Best Extreme Sports Film" last weekend at this year's Mammoth Film Festival. The film is a "must see", but be forewarned: your heart will be racing while viewing this film as if it were YOU doing 60 mph down mountain passes on your skateboard! Luckily is is not you (or me!), but skate pros Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran. This beautiful, but crazy film features music by me!

Music From the Upcoming Feature Film "Where's George?" Posted: Dec 3, 2009

I just uploaded a few tracks that I wrote for the score of the upcoming feature film "Where's George". The film follows a dollar bill through many hands one night in San Francisco. It was a fun project to work on as I got to write everything from Indian ragas to Italian mob music to German electronica. "Sal's Theme", "Der Junge Fledermaus", "Anal Art Movememnt I", and "Anal Art Final Movement" on my "Music " page are all from the movie. Enjoy!

AAA Road Trip Film Posted: Sep 24, 2009

AAA commissioned Tinbike Productions and True Stories to produce two road trip films of Northern California and the Southwest and they called on me for the musical score. With such stunningly beautiful shots of the California coast and redwoods, Reno, Vegas, and Zion (among many other locations), it was an inspirational project to work on.

We went with an Americana sound complete with banjo, acoustic guitar, and lap steel, with the occasional analog synth (for the sci-fi scenes!). There was no dialog... just incredible west coast beauty and my music. We were going for more of a "song" vibe for the music rather than a "film score", so the biggest challenge was composing a 15 minute "song" with no lyrics that stayed interesting. Luckily Beau and Jordan's visual storytelling led the way.

Here is a still from the film:

"Document" - The Movie Posted: May 1, 2009

I had the pleasure of working with director Michael Brody on some original music for his upcoming feature film "Document". He has also licensed several other tracks of mine for the film as well. The clips I got to work with were very intriguing... I can't wait to see the finished film when it is released! Check out the trailer and other info at:

Collaboration with Adobe for EHC LifeBuilders' Rivers of Chocolate Festival Commercial Posted: May 1, 2009

I recently worked with Adobe (y'know... Photoshop, Acrobat, etc...) on a commercial for EHC LifeBuilders' Rivers of Chocolate Festival. It is an amazing day of food and wine centered around chocolate, all to raise money for homeless and low-income individuals in Santa Clara County. I am proud to have worked with these great people. Don't the miss the festival next time it comes around... it is outstanding!
EHC LifeBuilders

Chris Vibberts scores Heritage Salvage commercial. Posted: Dec 25, 2008

I had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Tinbike Productions filmmaker, Beau Kristan Bouverat on this Heritage Salvage spot. Heritage Salvage is a wonderful business located in Petaluma, CA that specializes in turning reclaimed wood into beautiful new creations. I got to compose a fun bluegrass style piece of music for this spot. Check it out...

They are doing their part to help ensure a more sustainable and more beautiful tomorrow...

"THE HIGHWAY HOME" Los Angeles Premiere! Posted: Oct 10, 2008

“The Highway Home,” by Laurel Hunter and Blu Fly Productions, will have its Los Angeles Premiere at the 2008 La Femme Film Festival, (October 16-19). The screening will take place at the Wilshire Screening Room and Festival Lounge, 8670 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA on Friday, October 17th, at 6:00pm

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" now available at Green Planet Films Posted: Aug 21, 2008

Green Planet Films has now picked up this awesome short film about the life cycle of a coffee cup and it's effects on our planet. Get your copy here:
Green Planet Films

2008 Sacramento Film and Music Festival selects "Offbeat" and "Touching the Face of God" Posted: Jul 15, 2008

Two films that I scored for film maker George Manatos will be shown at this year's Sacramento Film and Music Festival.

"Offbeat" will be shown on August 10th at 3PM and "Touching the Face of God" will be shown on August 16th at 1PM.

Come see these great shorts on the big screen!

Go to the Sacramento Film and Music Festival website for more information about the festival.

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" distributed by Earth Cinema Circle Posted: Jul 3, 2008

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" is being featured on the Volume 4, 2008 DVD from Earth Cinema Circle. Earth Cinema Circle is a very cool company that distributes a new DVD of amazing environmental films every other month.

Check out the trailer at Earth Cinema Circle

"Offbeat" - Official selection at DC Shorts Film Festival Posted: Jun 19, 2008

"Offbeat", a short film by George Manatos, is being featured this year in Washington DC at the DC Shorts Film Festival. This is one of the premiere festivals in the country for short films. I had the pleasure of composing all the music for this funny, yet touching film. I even got to warm up my vocal chords on the final tune in the film: "Here's to the Past".

Check out DC Shorts Film Festival for more information about the festival.

"Like Lightning" at the 2008 Action On Film Festival Posted: Jun 16, 2008

The film "Like Lightning" which features a score I composed will be in this year's Action On Film Festival in Southern California. The 2008 AOF Fest takes place from July 25-31, 2008 at the Laemmle Theaters which are located at One Colorado Blvd in Old Pasadena, CA.

I composed this music for the film before seeing any footage. It was an entry into the 48 Hour Film Project in San Francisco. All I had to go on was a description of what they were thinking the movie would be about, but we had two days to finish it, so I was composing while they were filming. The end result was a very cool little film. The main piece of music, "Tight Walk" has since been used in a few other films including Blu Fly Production's "The Highway Home". You can hear the track on my "Music" page as well as see the original clip of "Like Lightning" on my "Videos" page.

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" at UC Berkeley Posted: Apr 16, 2008

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee", which features a score by Chris, will be shown Friday, April 25th at UC Berkeley's First Annual Earth Day Film Festival

"The Highway Home" at California Independent Film Festival Posted: Feb 7, 2008

"The Highway Home" will be featured in the 2008 California Independent Film Festival in Livermore which runs from April 16 to April 20. The film has several Chris Vibberts tracks in it including "Frame by Frame' and "Space Organ" as well as some very cool music from the band Velvet Acid Christ.

Post Wild and Scenic Posted: Jan 15, 2008

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City was excellent. We were treated to many awesome films. Some highlights for us were "King Corn", "Trashed", "Everything's Cool", "Badgered", and "Friday's at the Farm". "For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" created quite a buzz and became a festival favorite getting played a second time on Sunday. We met some fantastic film makers from all over the world. There was great music, great food, great art, and, well... great films. Thanks Wild and Scenic!

Hypatia, Troy, and Chris getting Wild (and Scenic)

"For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" at Wild and Scenic Film Festival Posted: January 7, 2008

Hypatia Porter and Wayward Sparrow's award winning film, "For the Price of a Cup of Coffee" will be featured this weekend January 11, 2008 at the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival in Nevada City, California. The film follows the life cycle of a coffee cup and it's impact on the health of our environment. It has already won Best Documentary at the 2007 Epidemic Film Festival in San Francisco and Best Environmental Documentary at the 2007 Cabbage Town Short Film Festival in Toronto. The score for this film consists entirely of compositions by Chris Vibberts. Both Chris and Hypatia will be in attendance as VIP guests this year.